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Enjoy Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca coastline is famous for long wide and sandy beaches with very fine sand and lots of wild dunes.


Located close to the Parque del Molino de Aqua (part of the beach), our apartments are perfect for relaxing.

Las Salinas Torrevieja

Salt Lakes

Pink salt lakes with the possibility of mud and salt baths (free entry) provide absolutely unique microclimate and experience.

Basic Information


Both apartments are newly renovated – the main emphasis during the rebuilding was in ensuring our hosts stay comfortable and feel like at home all stay, just much closer to the sea.
Each apartment has a separate water faucet with water filtration system. When using this device, you quickly forget all the inconveniences associated with carrying heavy bottles of water from the store.
As soon as you arrive, we will be fully dedicated to you. If desired, you can choose a transfer service from airport/ bus or train station, as well as for your departure. Also, if necessary, there is an administrator on call during the whole part of your stay.


Both properties are located in the Spanish Torre La-Mata, a seaside town in the heart of Costa Blanca. This coastline is famous for its endless beaches with very fine sand and lots of wild dunes.


Both apartments have their own garage (Free of charge).

Free Wifi - High-Speed Internet

Unlimited High-Speed Internet 1000 Mb/s


If desired, we can arrange a transfer from the airport and back (distance approximately 30 km).

Swimming pool "PARQUEMAR"

Parquemar apartment has a swimming pool located in a pleasant and well-kept garden. Also, a lifeguard is present during summer months.

Parque del Molino de Aqua

As the name itself suggests, the apartments are located close to the Parque del Molino de Aqua, part of the beach. The park is made up of pine trees, inside which both underground and surface water channels lead. You can enjoy a refreshing walk towards the promenade along the sea. At the foot of the mill, you can find a popular restaurant „Restaurante Queen Mississippi“ in the form of a historic steamship.

Laguna Rosa Torrevieja (PINK LAKE)

Unique microclimate and experience provides pink salt lakes with the possibility of mud and salt baths (free entry). Their positive influence on the microclimate around Torrevieja is one of the world’s rarities, mainly due to the waters colored in an unconventional and very rare pink color. Mud and salt baths in the pink lake are completely free for public.
The visit is particularly recommended for the treatment of: joints, rheumatism, osteoporosis, asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as high pressure, heart and thyroid disease, neurological and mental illness, allergy, immunity, skin diseases (psoriasis, acne) and rehabilitation after injuries and fractures. The Pink Lake is just a 10-minute drive from the apartment.

Address: C. Sol, 76, 03184 Torrevieja, Alicante, Span

GPS: 37.9963889 N , 0.7036111 W


Due to the local climate, La-Mata is an ideal place for round-year recreation and various activities. Nearby, well managed and long cycling trails are available, all together with hiking and possibilities of fishing, horse riding and other activities. La-Mata has 320 sunshine days per year and the average daily temperature is 17 °C. Temperatures in July and August are usually around 30° C.


Pool Parquemar Apartment


Pink Lake Las Salinas de Torrevieja